Pyrford Construction is a small local building company specialising in traditional construction using experienced quality tradesmen. Although they have learnt their trade, man and boy, through the traditional building methods we are still up to date with modern building regulations, materials and insulation etc.

Mr Farrant, the owner of the company, explained "I have been in business for over forty years. I started in architecture and believe this experience, coupled with the many years of site experience that I have subsequently enjoyed, now enables us to work in a far more professional way with our clients than would normally be the case.” Working on older buildings as we do, and having a combined knowledge of design aspects as well as the construction side, enables us to offer our clients a total package from design through to the

production of drawings, obtaining planning permission and construction to final hand over. This not only simplifies the process, but also reduces the overall cost. Similarly my background enables me to talk to architects and contractors in their own language, again helping to reduce problems or errors. We are however aware of market forces and, although not the cheapest in the marketplace, we understand that the cost of the project is important,
so we are very competitive.

Testimonials From previous clients