Plans, elevations and building specifications are all part of the information required by the local authority and the building contractor. We provide all these in plain English for all parties to understand. Clear uncomplicated drawings with basic but complete detailed specifications written by the builder for the builder.

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Apart from approval by the local Authority Planning Department, it is usual to require permission from the building regulations department and highways. It can also be a minefield of paperwork getting permission from the water authority, gas or electric, not to mention telephone and cable. Our experienced team will deal with all these on your behalf, ensuring that the main building job can run smoothly.


Whether a small home extension or 3 or 4 bedroom housing units it is essential to employ experienced site operators with the right tools, and good quality materials. The site foreman or supervisor completes the team. This ensures the design works and gives the finished product in programme time.



These can vary depending on the project. To simplify, we usually charge nothing for a first consultation to explore ideas and give a no obligation quotation. We have also introduced a standard fee for a planning application of a domestic extension of £595.00 plus VAT. If you are looking to develop a new property or larger works we often include our design fees in the complete package. It is however usual for the authorities to charge an application fee which we will advise you of accordingly. We are finding that clients, as an economical alternative to the complete building package, are requesting site management supervision. You may have drawings from your architect or a builder who you wish to use. In any event we could be contracted on the works and save you between 12% and 25% typically.